Terms and Conditions

Elysian World Editing


Terms of Service

1. Elysian World Editing (EWE) has the right to refuse any work request, without needing to explain the reason.

2 EWE reserves the right to stop Work or cancel Work due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behavior, an inability to effectively communicate in the English language, or a breach of these Terms of Service.

3. EWE will not participate in any Work depicting or suggesting sexually explicit behavior or any form of hate or racism.

4. EWE will not use or reproduce copyrighted work without consent of the copyright owner, and as it pertains to United States Copyright Law ( http://copyright.gov/title17/ ).

5. By contracting EWE, the Client is purchasing EWE labor only. EWE retains the right to use the Work on this website or related social media to promote EWE services. Graphic designs can be attributed to the Client's organization with the display. Written Works will be appropriately redacted before display.

6. The Client must specify the content of their Work to the best of their ability prior to a Contract. A complex work request may incur additional fees, to be defined and agreed upon in the Contract prior to Start of Work.

7. For graphic designs, the Client must specify the desired display size of the Work. A large display size may incur additional fees, to be defined and agreed upon in the Contract prior to Start of Work.

8. If the Work is time-sensitive, a rush fee may be applied, to be defined and agreed upon in the Contract prior to Start of Work.

9. If the graphic design Work is defined as confidential in the Contract, EWE will temporarily delay public display of the image at the request of the Client and as defined in the Contract until such time the Contract specifies public display is permitted. A Client may not request EWE to complete graphic design Work without defining the timespan in the Contract to eventually allow EWE to publicly display the image for promotional purposes.

10. The Client may not distribute, reproduce, or otherwise profit from graphic design Work unless specified before Start of Work in the Contract.

10a. The Client may not edit, alter, or trace the graphic design Work, or license or sell the Work in any way as a non-fungible token (NFT), without EWE's expressed, written permission, or as agreed upon in the Contract prior to Start of Work.

11. Under no circumstances may the Client submit EWE Work to any kind of contest.

12. Work files will be provided to the Client via email or at an agreed-to online download location.

12a. The download location will not include the native files (e.g., docx, .tif, .svg, etc.), unless agreed upon in the Contract, or thereafter, if the Client obtains written permission from EWE. 

13. EWE is not responsible for printing Work unless agreed upon in the Contract.

13a. EWE is not responsible for the cost of shipping any Work (e.g. CD, DVD, flash drive, etc.); the Client is responsible for all shipping costs.

13b. The Client may use Work files for local printing, so long as it does not breach Terms 10, 10a, 11 or 15, and the Client obtains written permission from EWE prior to printing.

14. The Client may request a preview of the Work at any time during the Contract period, but may not request changes to graphic designs after Start of Work, unless a change process is agreed upon in the Contract prior to Start of Work.

15. The Client may not incorporate the Work into another work unless agreed to in the Contract. A take-down notice will be issued in such cases and Term 17 will be applied as necessary.

16. Refunds may only be issued if the Client notifies EWE prior to Start of Work. No refunds will be issued after Start of Work, nor will a refund be issued before or after Start of Work if any of these Terms of Service are breached. Additionally, EWE has the right to revoke access to, and stop any progress on, the Work at any time after Start of Work if these Terms of Service are breached.

17. EWE has the right to pursue damages under United States Copyright Law ( http://copyright.gov/title17/ ), should there exist a violation in addition to a breach of these Terms of Service.


Elysian World Editing: The organization producing the Work (“Elysian World Editing,” “ElysianWE.com” “ElysianWE," "EWE”).

Client: The individual(s) or organization(s) purchasing EWE's services.

Work: The form of service provided by EWE to the Client per the Contract.

Contract: The correspondence in which EWE and the Client agree to the type of Work to be produced, the Work price, the point in time in which EWE is expected to commence Start of Work, the Work deadline, early termination circumstances, fees, and/or whether or not the Work can be immediately displayed in the EWE portfolio. This Contract shall remain on record with EWE, along with any other documents related to the Work, for at least two years.

Ultimately, the Contract will usually conclude with:

“This Contract is the final, complete and exclusive agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes and merges all prior communications between EWE/Client with respect to such matters. No modification of, or amendment to, this Contract – or any waiver of any rights under this Contract – will be effective unless in writing and signed by EWE.”

Start of Work: The point in time in which the Client and EWE agree to begin formal progress on the Work (e.g., EWE begins to create a graphic design).

Required Client Information

  • Specifications for Work (Required): Please refer to Terms 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 for guidance.
  • Email Address (Required): Contact EWE via the contact form on the Home page; your email address is required to complete the form.
  • Phone Number (Required): EWE will not call the Client outside of agreed correspondence unless there is a conflict in schedule, payment, or a breach in the Terms of Service.
  • Other Forms of Communication (Optional): After initial contact via the contact form on the website, the Client may request a different form of subsequent communication (e.g., phone call, Zoom, Google Meet Facebook Messenger, etc.) to discuss a project.
  • Physical Address (as Needed): EWE may request the Client's mailing or shipping address on an as-needed basis.
  • Age (as Needed): If the Client is under 18, the Client must supply contact information for a parent or guardian. EWE reserves the right to contact the parent/guardian of an under-aged Client, to ensure that there is no breach in the Terms of Service, and the Client is able to pay for the Work.


  • Payment: EWE requires all payment upfront before Start of Work, unless otherwise agreed upon in the Contract.
  • Currency: Prices are expressed in U.S. dollars (USD), and payments are expected to be made as such. The Client is responsible for providing the correct amount, equal to the USD amount. Please visit XE.com for accurate currency conversions.
  • PayPal Method: For Clients with PayPal: You can make a direct PayPal transfer to EWE; the PayPal address will be made available in Work correspondence.
  • Alternative Methods: For Clients without PayPal: EWE accepts payments via Venmo and Facebook. Please contact the EWE before Start of Work to make an appropriate arrangement.
  • Cancellation: Please refer to Term 17 for EWE's refund policy.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to revision without notice. The Client must read and understand these terms before entering into a Contract with EWE. Once the Client enters into a Contract with EWE, it is assumed the Client has agreed to all Terms of Service.